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Katy Jo South

Landscapes and  Florals

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About Katy Jo

Katy Jo was born in rural Michigan near the shores of Lake Huron.

Her childhood was filled with hours of exploring the beaches of the Great Lake or near cool amber streams lined with birch and fern laden woods.

Winters were long and serene. Some of her fondest memories are of those winter days, enjoying the snow or relaxing next to the home's fireplace. 


Katy Jo is a self taught artist who creates her paintings in oils. Through her journey as an artist she received some wise advise along the way.

"Nature is the teacher and to paint it one must touch, smell, listen, and learn." 

Step onto her beautiful property in Preble County and be amazed by her    numerous beautiful gardens and you get a glimpse of the appreciation of        nature that Katy Jo carries not only in her heart but that pours out of her paintings.  

She believes art should not only add color and interest to the walls, it must also instill a sense of serenity and calmness, and inspire hope and peace.


Katy Jo  and her husband Alan, lives in rural Southwest Ohio near the

Great Miami River which brings never ending inspiration. 


Somerville, OH 45064

937-684-5596 or 937-787-4901

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